What are Comps and How to Get Them?

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What are Comps and How to Get Them?

When you come to Las Vegas to gamble, be sure you sign-up for a Players Club membership at each casino you play. Memberships are free, so there is no reason not to join. Getting a player’s card provides you with an opportunity to receive comps based on your play. Every Vegas casino, no matter how big or small, gives comps to players.

What are comps? Comps are free rewards given to casino players. The more you gamble, the better the rewards. However, even the low-stakes bettors can benefit from a Players Club membershipps add up quickly at most casinos even if you aren’t a high roller. What can you turn your comps into? Once you’ve earned enough player points (also referred to as “tier points/credits”), you can trade your comps in for free meals, hotel rooms, drinks, shows, and more. This is all based on how many points you’ve accumulated and the types of rewards the casino offers.

Why do casinos comp players?

One simple reason – They want you to keep gambling at real casino app their casino(s). According to any casino gambling odds: the more you gamble, the more money they will make off of you. Lire la suite