Sometimes, they come back to New York and continue dating

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Sometimes, they come back to New York and continue dating

In a “champagne war,” rival tables of Wall Streeters try to outdo each other by ordering expensive bottles of French bubbly. Shutterstock

Expense accounts are back in play. For some two years, due to pandemic fears, Wall Streeters were not allowed to entertain, and that put a crimp in the lifestyle. “When bankers took me out, I had to pick up tabs,” said a client. “Now the entertainment budgets are back and they are making up for lost time. It’s $12,000 dinners at Hawksmoor with $2,500 bottles of Chateau Margaux.”

A source inside the nightclub world told The Post that a venerable Italian restaurant in Soho “is the definitive place to go if you are a Wall Street guy with a bonus of $500,000 or more who wants a young prostitute

Those very same high-rollers are also being courted by the clubs where they blow thousands on a single night. “We brought in our big Wall Street clients who spend a lot of money and gifted them a bottle of Louis XIII cognac,” Sameer Qureshi, co-owner of Somewhere Nowhere told The Post. Lire la suite