Note on pronunciation : The « ie » was pronounced like English « ee », in contrast to English « eye »

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Note on pronunciation : The « ie » was pronounced like English « ee », in contrast to English « eye »

Periodic musings, Geistesblitze, images, illustrations an such like. by a « resident alien », who’s got arrived on United states soil from a far-away earth known as « Germany ».

Word-of the period: Liebeskummer

A combination of Liebe (love) and Kummer (suffering, sorrow) that refers to the mind-set of people whoever sex life isn’t supposed better, especially the sorrow experienced by jilted lovers.


Hello Ulrich, I think this will be a wonderful term, and I also can kleine mensen dating website not contemplate an equivalent in English. although at once or other, all, or at least most, people has needed to put it to use. What is the book around? I love the title.

The succinct title of the book, Moselfahrt aus Liebeskummer, is hard to change gracefully–the exact meaning are « Moselle lake Trip considering Liebeskummer ». It’s a novella, printed in the 30s, describing a trip alongside and on the Mosel (Moselle) river where the narrator tries to get over his Liebeskummer. It has warm explanations in the river, the towns that range they, as well as the people that grow drink there–I lived in these types of communities as I decided to go to elementary college.

Upon rereading passages of it, however, i have to confess your subject is probably the best part in the guide!

« The Germans must-have an expression because of it. Doppelgedanken, probably: the feeling, whenever checking out, that own mind is pregnancy on the keywords while they appear on the page. These is the ego that throughout these rare times you ponder, a€?exactly how could the writer has known the things I got convinced?a€?

I believe the offer suggests that the reviewer shares what your blogs have repeatedly shown, the Germans become professionals at picking out words that exactly diagnose says of brain. Lire la suite